Andrew Coulthard

AKA: Mastermind

Andrew is Mastermind and leads his team of super heroes. A company Director and Chief Executive for over 20 years he is experienced in business development, improving sales and marketing.

Andrew understands the challenges facing business leaders; he understands what must happen to create or improve a world-class business and the challenges leaders face when balancing work and life.

Andrew is a coach and mentor to a number of business executives. One £30m B2C manufacturing CEO says…

"Andrew provides me with advice based on his broad wealth of experience in a factual and no-nonsense manner.  The truth can often hurt but I always appreciate his candid manner, which is delivered in a way that nobody's ego is hurt.  Whilst our business has more than doubled in size since knowing Andrew, I cannot give him all the credit…although I would not want to lose him as a mentor and confidante".