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  • 4 Hour Days – My Next Goal For All Staff

    On Monday 24 July 2017 Andrew Wrote:

    Read Time 2 Minutes 44 Seconds I started work in the 1970′s during the political winter of discontent. As a young civil engineer, I travelled up to British Titanium Pigments, near Durham, manufacturers of Tioxide (Titanium Dioxide for paints). It … […]

  • Hearts or Minds? What is Strategy?

    On Saturday 1 October 2016 Andrew Wrote:

    Read time 1min 35 secs I have met hundreds of entrepreneurs as well as many business managers, over the years, who have no idea what strategy really is. Many think it’s a plan…it’s way more than that. Some say it’s … […]

  • Stop Investing Start Making a Profit

    On Tuesday 17 November 2015 Andrew Wrote:

    Stop Investing Start Making a Profit (Read time 1min 25 secs) Over the past 20 years or so I have worked with more than 100 small businesses and their obsession of ‘jam tomorrow’ has been evident in over 80% of … […]